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August 18th, 2022

RT @sw12: ❔ What’s in a Chrome origin trial token?

💉 Take a peek:

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@TheRealNooshu @36degrees I don’t know directly, and couldn’t find the answer after a couple of searches. Probably @googleanalytics does.

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RT @patmeenan: 💀 HTTP/2 PUSH is finally going away in Chrome 106:

HTTP 103 is the best way to early-hint out-of-ba…

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@sarah_edo “I also give them space to talk about what isn’t going well, and if they want to brag about anything.”
I wonder if you adjust the template for everyone when the team’s international, or just non-American team members? (I, a German, bein

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@davrous My words! Let’s focus on the right wires instead. Gold is the gold standard. </joking>

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@dannymoerkerke @kennethrohde @openuicg It’s not obvious right now, but see and, specifically At least that’s my reading.

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