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August 25th, 2022

@adamzea @csswg I think most of the work now happens in

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@khalildjahliart @Una I won’t engage any further since I think it’s toxic to compare the two situations; but before I mute the thread just noting that Google likewise is active in the Palestinian startup sphere.

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@adamzea You bring up a couple of very valid points. I suggest you talk to the @csswg (which you might already do).

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If you’re a Ukraine-based startup, you have up until September 20 to apply for the $5 million Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund and receive up to $100,000 for your company. Apply here: #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

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@cramforce Oh, interesting. Are you thinking along the lines of:

import dark-mode-toggle assert { type: ‘custom-element’, name: ‘toggley-mctoggleface’ };

This would import `<dark-mode-toggle>` (default name) as `<toggley-mctoggleface>`.

(CC: @dandclark1

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@MarijnJH @BoxySVG @codemirror @ProseMirror General maintenance of existing work definitely falls under the set of things the fund _does_ want to cover. If in doubt, apply!

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@georapbox I just added the info to (which links out to the underlying Firefox and Safari bugs).

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@cheneytsai I’m old enough to still properly capitalize it, LOL.

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@BoxySVG @MarijnJH @codemirror @ProseMirror Marijn, please consider applying if you could use some funding! Thanks for relaying the info, @BoxySVG!

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“Implemented Compression Streams API”: yay, that’s a neat one 🗜️! Still some missing pieces to get to run, but slowly getting there, API by API. 💏

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@georapbox I think it was mostly related to Firefox not working with the color posterization filter that I pass in dynamically based on the sliders, so the posterization never happens.

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RT @ChromiumDev: In this post @MicheBarks shows some creative ways to style lists, along with practical tips and tricks for list markup and…

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RT @BenDelarre: So much truth to this

Don’t avoid the use of standardized capabilities because they’re not available across all targets. D…

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