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August 23rd, 2022

RT @ChromiumDev: 🔔 We’re live NOW!

Join the discussion for ways to take advantage of the web’s many powerful capabilities and APIs.


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@AnaestheticsApp @ChromiumDev @petele You are obviously aware, but for others tracking the conversation: the feature bug to star is

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@cheeaun @estee_tey Yeah, it’s giving and taking. I didn’t manage to remove those sharp edges either, despite trying different approaches. FWIW, SVGcode’s black and white version seems workable, so you might also be fine by re-coloring the black and white

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@cheeaun @estee_tey Another option that lets you save the file is It uses yet another algorithm.

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@cheeaun @estee_tey This is a surprisingly really tough one indeed. It looks simple to the human eye, but apparently not to the Potrace tracing algorithm. Sorry, no better result here either.

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@WesGarland4 I know, but not an option where I work.

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@cheeaun @estee_tey There’s a ton of tweaking options. Happy to give it a try if you want to share the input image.

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@jviide Oh, interesting. I’ll give this a thorough try! Thanks!

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@dennis_0x It’s simply the smallest yet highest resolution screen that my employer makes available in my region.

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