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August 26th, 2022

@shadeed9 Same! “Industry’s heroes” very much includes you!

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Proud to be part of Web Directions Summit 2022, together with some of the industry’s heroes I really look up to. 🙇‍♂️ See John’s blog post for the program.

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@ericlaw It’s behind a flag in Safari. Here’s hoping! 🤞

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@jeffposnick Great post, as always. This made me look up the current differences between Puppeteer and Playwright, maybe saving someone else a search:

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RT @jeffposnick: ✍️ How do you test a service worker, anyway?

Guidance and gotchas for end-to-end testing of your PWA’s service worker, us…

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How Nordhealth uses CSS custom properties in Web Components:

@DavidDarnes on the benefits of using custom properties in design systems and component libraries.

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@mafintosh @keet_io @simadsen Yay, eat your own dogfood! 💏

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