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October 1st, 2022

@samthor Thanks. Solar panels and electric car are ordered already! 😃

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@BarryNorton I mean, who wouldn’t. This is seriously dangerous toxic stuff. 🧪 🧫

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Fine, you asked for it. This is me officially joining cat Twitter. World, meet Skinny Norris, depicted here doing my daughter’s homework on her Chromebook.

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🎉 15 years at Google (full time) today. I wrote up a long blog post for my 14 year Googleversary 🎂 last year— The diff for this year’s mostly about #life stuff: Moved away from the HAM office and now actually fully remote

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A Web Component Story, by ⁦@claviska⁩. Nodded along throughout the entire blog post.

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@jh3yy @argyleink Duh, you both are playing that selfie game way better than I do. Somebody went to Steiner Street (, and all they got was this lousy tourist photo: Gotta go back! 🤳

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@craigstuntz @dan_jenkins @n8Schloss “Can I opt out of my ad links and organic links opening in the in-app browser?

By default, all external links (from ads and organic content) on Facebook or Instagram open within the in-app browser, however people ca

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@reillyeon @andypiper @GoogleStadia Before you go, could you please enable the Stadia controller’s Bluetooth interface by releasing a firmware update? Thanks for the consideration!

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