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October 31st, 2022

@Mysticle_ Yes, there is: `Save-Data` (, shipped in Chrome for a long time) and `Sec-CH-Metered-Connection` (, implemented, but not yet shipped and still work in progress).

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RT @jaffathecake: Delighted to see this 20k line change to the HTML spec land. This started a “a month or two” bit of work, and turned into…

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Chrome 108 beta ships the 2nd User Preference Media Features Client Hints Header—`Sec-CH-Prefers-Reduced-Motion`. This allows servers at request time to find out whether to send potentially heavy animation code: This follows `Se

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@schweinepriestr @jonsneyers @quicksave2k I personally have zero background on this, sorry.

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@Carlos445390878 @progfay See the orange note at the beginning of the article The feature was replaced with a different approach, links and details in the orange section.

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