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October 21st, 2022

@bramus @simevidas @mathias Shut up and take, erm, your salary. Can you ping me a link to the code so I can use it in developer mode _today_?

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@kornelski @RReverser @andreasbovens “The advantage of reinventing the wheel is that you can get a round one.”—❔🤷

Active Desktop was a great idea had too soon I think. I remember trying it and be like “yeah, nice in theory to stay updated on

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@ericlaw I ran into this yesterday, but it worked when I tried again.

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RT @aakansha1216: Masking the arrow/line area where the label is rendered in canvas turns out to be more tricky than SVG as expected 😀


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@claviska Great reminder!

You want to add the end tag for the content slot I think:

<div part=”content”>

I spent more time than I want to admit to verify this in the spec:

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@patrickbrosset Can I get a sneak preview? Excited to see how the sausage is made.

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@simevidas @jimniels Under this definition, is not a web app.

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@Jack_Franklin @DasSurma Have you tried just using a better keyboard? Why hurt yourself?

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@AdaRoseCannon @robertnyman I agree. Also the “keep checking this blog post for updates” part is hard to automate.

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