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October 20th, 2022

@AndreFvchs @pwabuilder Unfortunately this is your best alternative so far. With Trusted Web Activity, you can at least make the migration easily.

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It’s a roll up on the sofa kind of day. At least for Skinny Norris. Like, erm, every day since we have that sofa.


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RT @jensimmons: Hey look, Safari Technology Preview 156! With constructible and adoptable CSSStyleSheet objects. Smooth keyboard scrolling.…

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@paul_irish @slightlylate It’s not always exposed, depending on the level of access you have to the doc you can or can’t see it.

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@Una It’s called OKRs. I have one, too. 😂

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Browser Vendors Aim to Heal Developer Pain with #Interop2022, by ⁦@marypcbuk⁩ for The New Stack.

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@argyleink @Jack_Franklin You have the LTE version? Mine doesn’t last an entire day. (I have the LTE version and don’t have my screen set to always-on.)

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@AndreFvchs @pwabuilder Notification Triggers as the feature is called officially has been halted for now, see the info in It’s still implemented behind a flag for local testing.

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