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October 26th, 2022

@rauschma 😊

You (probably) don’t need Electron.

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A beginner’s guide to Chrome tracing, by Nolan Lawson:

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RT @govSlovenia: Photo, used by the Russian Foreign Ministry in its Twitter post ( is an ARAO photo from 2010. http…

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@wolframkriesing Look-up:
Result format:

Be sure to initialize properly with the right datasets:

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RT @jimniels: 🔝 The scroll to text fragment feature landed in @webkit which got me interested in: why the `:~:` syntax? A friendly link fro…

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@iamdtms This feature is purely concerned with keeping the screen on. It has nothing to do with CPU business.

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@iamdtms This is so the screen doesn’t turn off in the middle of your turn.

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The replies to @jensimmons’ tweet (⤵️) are an amazing source of Web apps that use Project Fugu 🐡 APIs.

I’ve been busy ½ morning updating the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase:

(Just a regular reminder that it’s open to subm

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@mtomweb @jensimmons Wow, that’s amazing, and such a treasure trove of Project Fugu 🐡 APIs.

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When our brains 🧠♟️ work the hardest, adding a Screen 🚫💤 is such

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@sreuter @edent @sil @questmateapp They have an Issue tracker and welcome feedback according to all my experiences:

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@JohnMu @cyberandy @DataBytesAI I was honestly surprised that RDFa still leads. I’d have expected JSON-LD to have caught up by now… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whatever works I guess.

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@jensimmons The manifest URL usually remains stable, but you can make updates to the manifest contents. We’re still figuring out a way to update security-sensitive fields like the icons or the name. See the minutes from #w3cTPAC:

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RT @HTTPArchive: Structured Data, authored by @cyberandy and @DataBytesAI, gives up update on what’s changed since last year’s inaugural ch…

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@html5test Those no-value `style` attributes. 🤔

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RT @zachleat: New Progressive Enhancement recipe demos dropped:

I built 7 🔷 image comparison web components with 🛠@WebC_omponents to showc…

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