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October 18th, 2022

RT @AaronGustafson: Very excited about this: In Edge Canary 108, under edge://flags, you can enable PWA-driven widgets for the Windows 11 W…

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@patrickbrosset Starring a whole bunch of Chromium bugs and watching a ton of GitHub repos. Then Twitter and the articles my team puts out on and Finally a well-curated list of RSS feeds in Feedly.

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Remember my P0 bug I filed for @AMPhtml “AMP should respect ⚡️ apart from âš¡”; write-up here: There’s now a way in CSS to say if you want the text or the emoji variant: `font-variant-emoji: emoji`: Ho

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@jimniels @sergiodxa It’s way too often a “this is why we can’t have nice things” situation, where every preference you expose adds more entropy and makes the user more identifiable. If sites don’t change behavior but only use the data for track

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@claviska Congratulations, I’m very happy for you and the Shoelace project! 💏 All the best!

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@sergiodxa @jimniels Yeah, client hints do that, and, for the first request problem, critical client hints ( See my proposal for a metered connection client hint:

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@henrylim96 Yeah, the @MozDevNet docs and the included examples as usual are excellent:

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