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October 4th, 2022

PWA Summit, October 5—6. This is tomorrow! Mark your calendars ðŸpwasummit.orgJJJLGZAq

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RT @ChromiumDev: With now 55(!) Project Fugu 🐡 APIs shipped, you might ask:

🙋 Is Project Fugu done❔

The opposite is the case! Read @tomay…

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😍 I love this use case exploration for the Multi-Screen Window Placement API ( by @html5test. Here’s the thread unrolled for your reading pleasure: Project Fugu 🐡 is all about enabling people move to

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@html5test Wow, great thread. I’ll ping it to Mike Wasserman, the engineer behind the feature. Depending on the Chrome version, some of the user gesture issues might have been solved. I let Mike chime in via email. For finding a window, could the service

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@willgmbr @andreban I don’t see iFood yet in Want to add it? Use this form:

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@mhartington Technically, since you don’t do anything with the window controls overlay (like putting a search bar up there), you don’t really need it if the window controls background and the window controls overlay blending in perfectly is a hard require

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@mhartington Great! I saw the bug and have fixed some metadata. The use case is very clear now, thank you! The best workaround right now is to dynamically update the theme color and make your canvas with the gradient be within the regular window area and

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@rauschma Luckily @mathias tries to put this on the radar for #Interop2023:

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Optimize long tasks, by ⁦@malchata⁩. Great performance tips in this article 💏! (Mind browser support, though.)

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