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October 11th, 2022

RT @ChromiumDev: We are creepin’ it real this October with scary good web dev content. 💻

Be on the lookout for web tips and tricks from th…

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🌱 Farmbound (, or how I (@sil) built an app in 2022:

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@RGadellaa Not sure what of this is still @powerlanguish’s code, and what is NYT additions…

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@dgrammatiko @webkit @jensimmons @chris_dumez “[D]o the strict minimum to make the API functional. This is needed to unblock the WPT testing of the screen orientation API since screen orientation locking requires being in fullscreen.”

I hope it’ll be use

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Wow, looks like the Fullscreen API is coming to iOS. 💀 Thanks for the pointer! ⤵️

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@Vincent_Scheib Really nice, added to the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase: Also see for a related find.

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iPhone really really needs to finally support the Fullscreen API (, too.

CC: @webkit @jensimmons @chris_dumez.

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@henrylim96 It’s a theme on all devices I own. Big fan of @iFixit making them available as part of their tear downs.

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Took for a spin on my iPhone and then was greeted on the Lock Screen with a No Sleep video. Luckily there’s a better way, the Screen Wake Lock, an@webkitit is working on implementing it. 🎉

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@RGadellaa This is the actual logic:

(-1 < navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(“firefox”)) && void 0 !== navigator.share && navigator.canShare && navigator.canShare(e)

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🇩🇪 See some of you in Köln?! ⤵️

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@nhoizey @ChromiumDev Hmm, right. I don’t know then, maybe the infrastructure calculates hashes of all known inline scripts? Seems to be the case indeed:

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RT @matanbobi: Just found out about and I’m blown away by the simplicity and usability of this one.

Contains many…

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@matanbobi @ChromiumDev Thanks for the kind words 😊. (Just noting that a lot of the patterns there are by other amazing people on the team.)

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@nhoizey @ChromiumDev Right-click. View source. 😃 I fear we do.

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@_zouhir I feel @quicksave2k and I are in this tweet 😃:

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@justinfagnani Wow, impressive achievement! Congratulations, Justin and the whole lit-html team! 🎆

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@diekus @Microsoft @LindsayKubasik @slightlylate Congratulations, you rock, and, as @slightlylate put it, you make Microsoft look good. 😊

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RT @DmytroKuleba: No, Putin was not “provoked” to unleash missile terror by “Crimea Bridge”. Russia had been constantly hitting Ukraine wit…

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RT @pepelsbey_dev: New article! SVG sprites: old-school, modern, unknown, and forgotten. It’s time to revisit the old SVG sprites trick and…

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@istinhere What did you make?

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@PixelAmbacht They are, and stronger than ever. In 2013 they gave in and started using data processing machines to keep track of their members.
(Made up, but makes for a good story.)

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