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October 24th, 2022

@peterfriese @_davideast Blue for the shirt, yellow for the site. 😊

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RT @jensimmons: How about AVIF?

Safari 16.0 brought support for AVIF still images to iOS 16.

Safari 16.1 adds support for AVIF animated…

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Congratulations, @webkit, on the Safari 16.1 release with these (and more) features:

Web Push for macOS Ventura

Animated AVIF


Hover on iPadOS with Apple Pencil

Scroll to Text Fragment

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RT @gilberto_cocchi: Take a look at how @YouTube optimized LCP according to their site needs. #webperf #webvitals

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RT @patrickbrosset: New blog post 🆕

🤔 Do you really understand CSS radial gradients?

I’ve wondered for years, and forced myself to write…

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@eva_trostlos @ThisDotLabs Congratulations, Eva! Just from looking at the portfolio, this seems like a super exciting challenge! All the best! 🥂 🎉

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JavaScript decorators covered in-depth by @rauschma: More than I need to know now, but this will also be super useful in the future for sure.

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@steveruizok @MSEdgeDev You’re really great at naming things! (And much more, obviously.) Will be watching this space… 🖋️

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@cjamcl @steveruizok @MSEdgeDev See the introduction paragraph of the spec:

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RT @anslogen: After 16 months of work I’m ready to share, my project to procedurally generate scenic landscapes, pa…

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@wolframkriesing Thanks for using it! :-) It still receives contributions from the community, which I’m really happy about. If something feels wrong, check the open Issues, maybe there’s something…

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@steveruizok The good folks from @MSEdgeDev are looking into this with their Ink API ✍️:

💉 Blog post:
💉 Draft spec:

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@kilianvalkhof @hankchizljaw @jh3yy @code All my links be like `<button role=link class=hyperlink>lol</button>`.

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@rowan_m @slightlylate @bramus @miketaylr One question the article could answer is why have several possible values if everyone knows which is the actual one (or don’t we?). It’s sort of like sites learning about the Gmail feature of

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RT @hi__mayank: 🚨 new css reset 🚨

i was copy pasting the same snippets across many projects so i decided to collect them in an installable…

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