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March 2nd, 2021

@lconfraria @googlesheets Yeah, it’s strings, not things (, but it’s the currently best we can do (if we want human-friendly hashtags).

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For users of browser-fs-access 💾 ( the fallback code now correctly throws when the user cancels the file input dialog. The way this works is curious ( and tickled up to the WHATWG (

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Some of you have noticed that the Project Fugu 🐡 tweets dashboard was sometimes empty. I’ve now moved more of the logic out @googlesheetsets and onto the server. The seems more resilient in my first tests. I’ve also boosted

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@myfonj @derSchepp @ChromiumDev The reason we are hesitant to allow too much freedom is security:

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RT @ChromeDevTools: ✨ What’s New in DevTools in Chrome 90?

🔐CSS flexbox debugging tools (woohoo!)
⚡️ Core Web Vital overlay (View performa…

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excalidraw Our favourite handwritten font, Virgil, just became open source thanks to the creator Ellinor Rapp!

That’s why we are no longer looking for a replacement, and instead we will try to fix the current issues.

Visit for more.

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@derSchepp @ChromiumDev It’s mostly driven by compatibility with and usage of prior art. See Example 17 of

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@ChrisLove @ChromiumDev @edgedev (Sorry, very late reply, missed it earlier.) The API (barcode detection) should fully work on Android (all devices with Google Play services) and macOS and Chrome OS.

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@mcmd @lb_southwark Oh, very interesting. As the author of I’m all ears. Would you have a link to the app, or is it purely internal?

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@rem He has updated the title now (, but I was in full debugging mode until I realized it wasn’t my phone but the video itself.

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