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March 26th, 2021

Una 🚨 An experimental flag for container queries (@container) just hit Chrome Canary!

Yes, seriously!

Go to: chrome://flags in your URL bar and turn on enable-container-queries to try it out.

Here’s a demo to help you see how they work (w/flag in Canary):

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@NetSapiensChris @ChromiumDev Not that I’m aware of. Unfortunately there’s no HID logo, so we went with the most common use case, which is gamepads. Suboptimal in your use case, I agree.

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If you want to actually play with the proprietary Nintendo Switch media queries ⤵️, I’m more than happy to merge PRs for Chrome Dino:…. 🦖…

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If you’re doing website performance audits, this post ⤵️ by @AndyDavies on how to bypass cookie consents banners is for you. But let’s not forget: these banners are part of at least your users’ first time visit experience, so measure both, with…

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SaraSoueidan I wrote a little post about how I styled my <hr> elements (the birds on the wire), and how we can create more creative yet properly semantic horizontal rules using inline , custom properties & a bit of ARIA:

“Not Your Typical Horizontal Rules” 🐦…

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@slightlylate @briankardell @plinss @cwilso We’re having a similar discussion right now about `<link media>` and for what `type`s it should apply:…. 🔗

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Even @Apple’s Legal department now talks about Progressive Web Apps:… (3.9MB PDF). 😬…

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