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March 19th, 2021

@patak_js @Vjeux @excalidraw @vite_js Slow initial server startup has indeed been a pet peeve of mine. So when are we switching?

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@othermaciej @stshank @firt @webkit For instance, 2 of the differences are:
- File System Access files go thru malware checks of Safe Browsing, Storage Foundation “files” don’t.
- Storage Foundation “file” writes are immediately observable without having

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@othermaciej @stshank @firt @webkit Specifically for the latter use case example, we’re working with a partner who ports a large desktop app to the Web that needs a “swap” file. The existing API isn’t suitable for this. We’re thinking of

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@othermaciej @stshank @firt @webkit I think what we failed to convey so far is “Storage Foundation API is a new fast and unopinionated storage API that unlocks new […] use-cases for the web, such as implementing performant databases and gracefully manag

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Promising early signals from  Cupertino regarding the File System Access API. ⤵️ #FileSystemAccess

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@thexpaw @ChromiumDev @Google Dark mode favicons that are realized via SVG ( are on our list of things we look into supporting, too.

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RT @bramusblog: Three important things you should know about CSS `:is()`


🏷 #css #selectors #specificity https:/…

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