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March 17th, 2021

@edent @ChromiumDev @RickByers One data point are the public reviews on the extension (…) with 80K+ users and a lot of anecdotal positive feedback (lots of academics) that reached me in private. Not sure we have public data on the Go@david_bokan

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@jeffposnick @triblondon Andrew, any idea where the demo from that article originally at went? Thanks!

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Thanks to @_baku89 you can now send rumble signals to Joy-Con controllers connected via to your device:…. This came via a super cool PR that I just had the pleasure to merge. Thank you!…

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@_baku89 Thank you very much! ♥️ You’re credited in the README… and I have just released v0.2.0 that contains the feature:…! 🎉 Also thanks again to @mrdoob for connecting us!

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@_baku89 I guess for a first version this would work already. I would happily merge such a PR. The whole code is full of magic byte sequences that make no sense to me (as a non-hardware person).

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quicksave2k The CSS accent-color property is getting some love in Chrome Canary and I have to admit I like it a lot ;)

Want to give it a try?
Enable the “Experimental Web Platform Features” flag in about:flags and go to

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mikewest CSP is large and sprawling, but a “strict” subset of the policy language is _very_ effective at mitigating injection attacks (XSS). @we1x rolled that subset out at Google-scale, and walks through the mechanism in detail in

It’s worth your time to read.…

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Mentored a super motivated group of students at @GazaSkyGeeks 🇵🇸—a@GoogleStartupss tech partner—today who’re learning Web development as part of their Code Academy career accelerator…z3). This is the little PWA we

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