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March 18th, 2021

@argyleink @ChromiumDev It confused me tbqh. Conceptually, the whole thing acts as the label (and this is what your markup suggests, too). Good to know there’s yet another way to fix it. Thanks for putting these articles out, so much good stuff to take

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@ChromiumDev @argyleink There’s the uncanny valley of the grid gap being not clickable (despite being in the label) [first screenshot]).

I have fixed it by rotating the order in the DOM [second screenshot].

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The PWA has now been migrated to GitHub (…) and is also hosted there (…). Meanwhile, @glitch is a great(!) platform for developing apps in an educational course setting. Its no lock-in full GitHub export is chef

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@simevidas This caught a lot of people by surprise the first time this page made the rounds: Try it at least once, it’s annoying, but it won’t break anything.

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Wikimedia, the organization behind Wikipedia and many other projects, will create a (paid for commercial use) API with guaranteed Service Level Agreements for customers like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., who use this data.


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