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March 23rd, 2021

@voxpelli @DasSurma @philwalton It depends :-)

If you really _need_ the additional data, then yes. If not, then no. Google calls the metrics returned by this module the “Core Web Vitals” for a reason.

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@simevidas Actually, correcting myself here: our style guide recommends using bold style sparingly, since it’s sort of reserved for UI element names:

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Taming blend modes, by @anatudor: Super in-depth article on the many things you can do with CSS blend mode.

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@bramus @simevidas @samthor Filed 8 years ago. 🤔

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@simevidas More than happy to merge your PR! 😃

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@mahemoff We now have an enterprise plan powered by Bitly for—different from the prevgoo.glap. I guess people would still want to use such shortening services to track “user engagement” (yes, probably for Per

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@intenttoship @excalidraw, you’re quoted in this Intent to Experiment. 😃

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Really looking forward to the File Handling API:

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