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March 12th, 2021

@jthoms1 Sure, happy to. Email me at tomac AT google COM and we can take it from there. Probably aiming for mid/end of the coming week, since I have two deadlines to meet on Monday and Tuesday.

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@jthoms1 Yes, true, all mini apps work this way. But also “some components, like <map> and <video>, are rendered as OS-native components that get layered over the WebView”:

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@stshank @firt @webkit Fully agree that it may not be very likely. But the spec leaves room for vendors to implement things differently. Like for Async Clipboard, where Safari has an additional browser-inserted “paste” button that users need to explic

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@jthoms1 Thanks for reading! Arguably Snap Minis are to be found in such an internal app store of what is very much a consumer app:

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RT @we1x: #SpectreJS - Javascript can be used to leak 1kB/s across origins in modern browsers (without high precision timers/ SharedArrayBu…

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If you would like @webkit to implement the File System Access API, consider adding your use case for the API in a comment on this bug: 🛒 DON’T just “+1” the bug, write a comment with substance (or just silently CC: yourse

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@stshank @firt @webkit FWIW, it’s not mentioned in the “we won’t implement” list:, so here’s hoping. I have a feature request bug open at

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@samuelgoto @hober @rmondello @blaine @slightlylate @example @yigsgu @majido I have it set up for _everything_ I care about. The flow for npm is what it looks like in general: I use Authy (as a replacement for Google Authenticator

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@AndyDavies Very true. I think @philwalton’s setup is still the state of the art.

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@samuelgoto @hober @rmondello @blaine @slightlylate @example @yigsgu @majido Much needed! I also wish (even more than email verification, which you typically need just once) there was an API for getting 2-step verification tokens from Google Authenticator

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@stshank @firt Widening. But we had some surprise @webkit landing recently with the Contact Picker API (behind a flag, but still). Some nice things like Async Clipboard and Web Share Level 2 (sharing files) landed, too. Hoping for File System Access.

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@hochsays Some people’s opinion clearly is for the bin. Ignore them and stay focused on what really matters!

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@patrickhulce Congratulations! 🎈 Enjoy the time!

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@lucienimmink We’re thinking of making `<link rel=manifest>` aware of the `media` attribute next. Like that you could specify different manifest files for light and dark mode. Additionally, there’s thinking on having a way to do this directly in the m

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Modules in workers and service workers, private class methods, top-level await. Love how quickly new JavaScript features make it into Safari. 💏

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Yes, there’re a ton of iPhones in the top 10, but you might not see the number 1 and 2 bestselling phones (and the rest that comes after the top 10) since probably your site’s analytics is blind to them. These users never even might make it post the p

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“[F]or at least the next year we should consider the venerable Moto G4 to still be our baseline.”—@slightlylate in “Not in my market!” you may say. Check the 2 bestselling 🔱s in a wealthy country like 🇩🇪:

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