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March 30th, 2021

ChromiumDev Chrome OS users will finally be able to use App Shortcuts for their installed PWAs.

All you need is an extra `shortcuts` array member in your PWA manifest. Android & Windows already support it.

Check out for more details.

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@mischmerz @petele The below looks workable to me:

const handle = await showSaveFilePicker({/*…*/});
// Assume the function below takes long:
const blob = await prepareDownload(someData);
const writable = await handle.createWritable();
await writ

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@quicksave2k @kennethrohde @roderickhsiao @ChromiumDev Yeah, any argumentative help is welcome. I’m bummed that we had to revert it.

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@quicksave2k @roderickhsiao @ChromiumDev Everything works, it just depends on your definition of “cleanest” 😃. Looking at your site, a query parameter may be the “simplest” solution given the existing architecture.

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@mischmerz @petele The user gesture has an undocumented grace period after which it’s no longer good. If the file prep work takes longer, the recommended flow is to get the file handle first, and only once you have it start the file prep work. You’ll see

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@edent Good to know that I’m not the only person on the planet wondering about such things.

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@roderickhsiao @ChromiumDev The cleanest solution right now is to use the `accept-language` header for the manifest request.

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RT @codepo8: 💉🏼 “How the Web Audio API is used for browser fingerprinting”



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