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September 1st, 2019

@_unlobito @triagegirl iOS is likewise affected, just less, because overall they support less PWA features. See Table 3 of… [PDF], the Payment Request API is supported by Safari and SFSafariViewController, but not WKWebView.

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@slightlylate An ad blocker detector script, but for WebViews that shows folks browsing in—scare quotes—“in-app browsers” through an annoying overlay how much they’re missing out on: “You’re missing out on push notifications, consider using

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tkadlec Following up on yesterday’s post with another one, this time with some examples of ways to Save-Data without serving up an experience that feels broken in anyway.…

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@tkadlec You probably lost most publishers at “Cut back on the ads and tracking”. This somehow reminds me of the USA Today Europe experience: Simply great for actual people.

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@kennethrohde @Not_Woods about squircles.
⬛️ + ⚫️ = 🤯

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@slightlylate @bgalbs @mhartington @mgonto @w3ctag I recall the feeling of “features coming out of nowhere”—It was from a time (ante 2015) when I didn’t follow WICG work at all.
The fact that the Chromium blog now features Origin Trials (…

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@mhartington @bgalbs @mgonto Portals is an interesting case. “A new web platform API called Portals” (…) would maybe better open with “new web platform API <ins>proposal</ins>”.
-“We are actively discussing the Porta

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