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September 11th, 2019

RT @zachleat: New on the @filamentgroup blog:

Two Browsers Walked Into a Scrollbar

Studying scrollbar obtrusivene…

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RT @hadleybeeman: When you’re designing a new feature for the web, the stakes are high. You could be changing where a user’s location goes,…

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On supporting browsers you can see the new “screen” Wake Lock in action at 🚫💤

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RT @intenttoship: Blink: Intent to Experiment: Screen Wake Lock API

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RT @marcosc: Yep yep… looks like @saschaplas and I have implemented the Web Share API in Gecko. Ignore the “tentative” fails - they are n…

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@mathias Curious. Would you call a macro optimization?

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@fantasai Fully agree on 1).

For a long time I was a strong defender of 2), too, but it makes it harder for people to follow the thread who were CC:’ed into it later. Now I tend to just remove email signatures and other noise, but leave hiding repeate

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@wesbos @Paul_Kinlan It seems to be a lower-level macOS thing that strikes again as previously in Pinging the bug with new info (like, are you running Catalina?) might be a good idea.

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@CrystalOnScript @kristoferbaxter This was a good read. Thanks for sharing this.

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@mhartington This wasn’t a subtweet or anything; I truly like the similar thinking here. It makes a lot of sense to keep everything in the “ion-*” namespace.

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RT @notwaldorf: New blog post about building a (good) metronome and keeping time in JavaScript!! ✨

It comes with a demo comparing the audi…

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@mhartington @daviddalbusco @brandyscarney @Ionicframework Love it! Respect the initial `prefers-color-scheme` preference, but allow for a manual override ( Exactly the philosophy behind `<dark-mode-toggle>` (

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Two new link type (proposals) for hinting at Google that a link is either sponsored (`rel=”sponsored”`) or user-generated content (`rel=”ugc”`), apart from the existing “no follow” (`rel=”no-follow”`). Seems worth standardizing, @dannysullivan & @meth

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@AnaestheticsApp I have only seen it in in the wild. It’s not standardized as far as I can tell. Probably something purely internal to Google Maps.

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@Paul_Kinlan @wesbos It’s broken on macOS at the moment (you always get back an empty array).

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