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September 15th, 2019

@qantify @FlunseyTheFox I help people who might be interested in learning more about dark mode. A simple Twitter search unearthed you. Seems like you’re good. Enjoy the rest of your day. ✌️

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@qantify I’m simply a web developer and learning on my way. If you’re a student, you can apply for free credit: Likewise when you’re a startup:

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@CodePen @smnarnold +1, great idea 💏. For quick testing, also consider adding a toggle:

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RT @bocoup: Next week is #w3cTPAC, we will be there! @zcorpan and @fantasai have written a survival guide for attendees who are asked to SC…

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@slightlylate @wanderview ✅ Mount Fuji view. 🗻
✅ Super friendly staff. 💮
✅ Amazing speed. 💨
🚫 No Wi-Fi yet on my Tokaido-Sanyō Shinkansen (but soon).

Coming from Germany 🇩🇪:
✅ No random car reordering that messes with reserva

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@jxnblk @studio_hungry @chatsidhartha Here’re the results from a survey we did:
You can run tests on your own site: people who have dark mode on and use your dark theme vs. people who have dark mode on but override to use your l

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@tjmonsi Standardization is slow, and should mini apps get standardized, then they will experience the same. Finding compromises is hard. Right now, each mini app platform just does their own thing, and it mostly seems to work:

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