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September 14th, 2019

@tjmonsi Standardization is slow, and should mini apps get standardized, then they will experience the same. Finding compromises is hard. Right now, each mini app platform just does their own thing, and it mostly seems to work:….

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@marcus_lindblom @bdc I have made a toggle that initially respects the user’s system preference, but then allows them to override it:…. More info:….

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@adamzea Nice! A neat addition for people would maybe be a toggle, so they can check out the photography in different lights:….

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I disapprove of this proposal becoming a web standard (as web technology usage doesn’t mean it’s “web”), but fully approve of hearing their arguments: MiniApp Standardization White Paper. Especially interesting is the gap analysis:……

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@jerroenbakker For these browsers (all browsers in fact), you can still use dark mode, just with a manual toggle (…), and share the same code with browsers that support the media query. Follow this stylesheet architecture…

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@asmallteapot @rrrrrrrix The media query is widely supported nowadays (…). A couple of mobile and desktop browsers also have a forced dark mode for sites that don’t make use of the media query, e.g., for Chrome, search in chrome://

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@jxnblk @studio_hungry @chatsidhartha My recommendation is to initially adhere to the user’s system preference, but to offer an opt-out:….

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💡Two interesting posts by @rem:

Any other tag in the <head> that isn’t one of <title>, <meta>, <style>, <script>, <base>, or <link> will automatically be moved into the <body>:….

Why <p> doesn’t need a corresponding…

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@darianrosebrook @hyumankind @Media For more info on the media query, check out…. In the article, there’s also a section on such a toggle:…. 🌒

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Snowden So I get stopped in the hallway as I’m carrying this old computer that I need to copy the files, and one of the chiefs asks: ‘What are you doing with this machine?’ And I look at him frankly and I say: ‘Stealing secrets.’…

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@johnbburg Setting a dark theme on your system should be enough, but currently there’s a bug…, so temporary you need to launch Chrome with these two flags:

—enable-features=WebUIDarkMode —force-dark-mode

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