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September 14th, 2019

@marcus_lindblom @bdc I have made a toggle that initially respects the user’s system preference, but then allows them to override it:…. More info:….

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@adamzea Nice! A neat addition for people would maybe be a toggle, so they can check out the photography in different lights:….

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I disapprove of this proposal becoming a web standard (as web technology usage doesn’t mean it’s “web”), but fully approve of hearing their arguments: MiniApp Standardization White Paper. Especially interesting is the gap analysis:……

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@jerroenbakker For these browsers (all browsers in fact), you can still use dark mode, just with a manual toggle (…), and share the same code with browsers that support the media query. Follow this stylesheet architecture…

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@asmallteapot @rrrrrrrix The media query is widely supported nowadays (…). A couple of mobile and desktop browsers also have a forced dark mode for sites that don’t make use of the media query, e.g., for Chrome, search in chrome://

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@jxnblk @studio_hungry @chatsidhartha My recommendation is to initially adhere to the user’s system preference, but to offer an opt-out:….

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💡Two interesting posts by @rem:

Any other tag in the <head> that isn’t one of <title>, <meta>, <style>, <script>, <base>, or <link> will automatically be moved into the <body>:….

Why <p> doesn’t need a corresponding…

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@darianrosebrook @hyumankind @Media For more info on the media query, check out…. In the article, there’s also a section on such a toggle:…. 🌒

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Snowden So I get stopped in the hallway as I’m carrying this old computer that I need to copy the files, and one of the chiefs asks: ‘What are you doing with this machine?’ And I look at him frankly and I say: ‘Stealing secrets.’…

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@johnbburg Setting a dark theme on your system should be enough, but currently there’s a bug…, so temporary you need to launch Chrome with these two flags:

—enable-features=WebUIDarkMode —force-dark-mode

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