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September 4th, 2019

RT @bramusblog: Take both Light and Dark Mode screenshots with Puppeteer


🏷 #link #MediaQueries #puppeteer #scre…

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🎨 CSS blend mode put to creative use for dynamically changing the colors of product images, neat article by @Codrops.

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@MylesBorins Me: I will never again 2h before a talk install a beta version of an OS on the one and only device that I will use on stage for a demo.

Also me: Ooooh, new beta available.

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RT @random_walker: Here’s a really neat illustrated article about our dark patterns study:

The trick is that you h…

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RT @intenttoship: Blink: Intent to Experiment: Native File System API

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@ericlaw Definitely EasyList that’s universally used by blockers of all sorts:

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@FredKSchott @pikapkg Seems like you became too successful and ran out of disk space. 🙀

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@ChromiumDev `prefers-color-scheme` of course… 🤦‍♂️

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@theSdev @ChromiumDev 🤦‍♂️It’s too early… Thanks!

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@ChromiumDev Just in case someone else noticed: doesn’t use `prefers-color-theme` yet (despite having a gorgeous dark theme), but I have already reached out… 😅

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🎉 Yay, Android 10 is here!

💉 The biggest change for web devs is that Android now supports dark th…

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@azulitenet Maybe this article can get you started? 🌒

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