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September 16th, 2019

ChromiumDev When “not all” is nothing. Finding out about media query support in the browser. ⤵️…

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Recently we’ve sent our Intent to Implemenent for the proposed `navigation-controls` media feature:….

🤔 But how can you find out if the browser understands this media feature—or any media query really? My article has you…

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@BartoszBobin You need to be careful: this approach leaves browsers that don’t understand the media query stand in the rain.…

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@elecash @angular @ChromiumDev That sounds super cool. Is there a link to your app? No worries if it’s potentially in a rough shape, this is purely out of curiosity.

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@kennethrohde @Una @materialdesign Here’s the Material demo with the fixed toggle (until the Chrome bug gets resolved): …

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@kennethrohde @Una @materialdesign Meanwhile I have just released v0.4.0 of `<dark-mode-toggle>` that works around this bug:…. See… for the up-to-date demo.

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@kennethrohde @Una @materialdesign Hmmm, there seems to have been a breaking change between 76 and 77. It works correctly in Firefox and Safari. Filed….

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Just remixed @Una’s @materialdesign Glitches with `prefers-color-scheme` & material toggle to have the best of both worlds 🎉: …

👉 Initially respects `prefers-color-scheme`.
👉 Supports overriding—optionally permanently.……

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