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September 23rd, 2019

webkit Read about enhanced protection for link decoration tracking, updates to the Storage Access API, and ITP Debug Mode updates in Safari on iOS 13, iPadOS and Safari 13 on macOS with Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.3 on the WebKit blog.…

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Mandy_Kerr I had a play with the Google Fonts V2 Beta API. There are a couple of changes but it’s still simple to use!

I wrote a short post:

@jpamental also wrote a great post about it

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The joy and challenge of developing for KaiOS:…
“I’m not a huge fan of app stores—I don’t like having to agree to the ToS, going through a review process, and ultimately subjecting myself to the whims of a private corporation.

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angustweets TIL, if you visit devtools’ “source” tab right after using the “performance” tab you get benchmarks…

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tomayac Project Fugu 🐡 at @w3c TPAC, my personal recap:


“The web is threatened from multiple angles, and being able to work in the standards bodies on defending it is a privilege of the few. Both shouldn’t be the case.”

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@lunamoth No. You can access AMP pages from any browser with the AMP runtime that you can just download as a set of (self-hostable) scripts.
Note that this is distinct from the AMP treatment in Google Search and the AMP cache optimizations. If either went

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