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September 7th, 2019

@mahemoff I was torn between adding one on purpose and triple-reviewing to make sure there wasn’t one. In German, we call this feeling … 😂

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slightlylate *So* excited to see this 🐡 API headed to Origin Trials:…

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josephfcox Apple just posted a wild statement in response to Google Project Zero’s findings on malicious websites pushing iOS exploits for years
- confirms against Uighurs
- disputes “years” deployment, says two months
- pretty arrogant tone about device security…

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@mahemoff Yeah, been there. That feeling when a tweet with a typo starts to get popular and you’re torn between deleting or leaving it. In German we call it Fehlertweetslöschdilemma.…

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Need to append a couple of nodes to an element? You were taught `documentFragment` is your friend? It is, but now `append(…nodes)`—that under the hood still uses it—turns out to be your new best friend.…h1

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cramforce Super excited by this intent to implement:
TL;dr; If an image “width: 100%; height: auto;” set in CSS compute the reserved space from the width and height attributes (if available) while the image is loading. Thus avoiding a layout jump on load!…

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The responses to the quoted tweet are pretty hilarious: people are sending pictures of @BorisJohnson. As always in ML, the quality of your training data matters.…

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knmille7 Move over Structured Data Testing tool & say hello to the Rich Results Testing Tool-…! I’ve been hesitant over some of the new GSC features, but have to admit I like this better than the old.

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@argyleink Still waiting for the loading to finish. This site is extremely slow. Albeit, I have to say, its loader is nice. 😂

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@html5test @kennethrohde @Apple @maxlynch That’s my reading as well. But, hey, we’ll see what the app approval team make of it. The quoted statement in my tweet is what I find remarkable.

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“Apps that provide core features and functionality dynamically with web technology like are best delivered to everyone in Safari, rather than through the curated App Store.”…D
New restriction for@Applee’s App Store str

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Cryptic Wifi Networks 😂

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