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September 12th, 2019

@Birowsky @ChromiumDev Yeah, you can’t. For Single-Page Apps, you might be able to work with….

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simonmlaroche I’ve started writing some thoughts on Tetris game design. My first article is about the randomizers found in various versions of the game. Hope you guys find it interesting!…

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@AnaestheticsApp @ChromiumDev Apps should not have a dedicated exit or close button as per the Android design guidelines. Just make proper back navigation work:…. In fullscreen mode, the home button can always be reached by swiping…

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@Birowsky @ChromiumDev If you stick to vanilla JS with no framework-based router, `onbeforeunload` might be your best bet at the moment:….

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@samthor That fake SNES controller obviously can only send fake keydown events. Also: your colleague seems unimpressed. Also: cute baby photo… :-)

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@fantasai I wouldn’t call it “fine”, but more a necessary evil. Email clients typically deal pretty well with it and keep the overhead low. Caveat: I can only speak as a sighted person. I certainly have cut threads and provided a “context” link

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@endrift @reillyeon @rmondello I actually discussed Wake Lock indications in…. Personally, I think it would make sense on mobile, but as discussed, the Wake Lock is released when visibility changes: The Orig

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ManningBooks Back to Simple CSS: with the Shadow DOM—a new free eBook with chapters selected by @bfarrellforever!

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Neat, my favorite email newsletter publishers @CSSWeekly and @peterc both start looking into supporting dark mode email (…). 📧 🌒 The motivation: auto-darkening isn’t always doing a great job.…

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