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September 30th, 2019

ericlaw Inside Chromium’s clever and brave plan to change the recipe for cookies:…

I think it’s the biggest change to the web platform you probably haven’t yet heard about.

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Element Timing, or Time to First Cat: Now usable in Chrome 77. The slide shows the source code you can copy from the spec. 👍
(⁦@egsweeny⁩ and ⁦@paul_irish⁩ at )

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Performance Budget Calculator for your @____lighthouse runs: Neat tool tip from @egsweeny’s and @paul_irish’s talk.

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hdv ‘All of us browser makers are motivated by different things. Some of us make iPads, some of us have huge complex code bases like Gmail… this is positive, these differences result in push and pull’ @miketaylraylr on why browser diversity is essentConf

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slightlylate Are you a PWA developer? Frustrated that Chrome is (far) behind other browsers in advertising that your site is installable? Make your voice heard by starring @alexey_rodionov’s bug here:…

/cc @b1tr0t

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ChromiumDev Hello Monday👋Many of our team are attending @viewsourceconf this week, come find @petele @tomayac @argyleink @DasSurma @kosamari @sw12 and more at the venue and ask us anything 💪

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Augmented Reality in JavaScript by @ASpittel:… A big piece of AR is Snapchat and Instagram. 💄

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@flaviocopes Something interesting to know in this context is this stat:…. Some users also just want their operating system dark, but not websites.

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@patmeenan @slightlylate This doesn’t seem to work on neither Chrome on Android nor Safari on iOS.

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@flaviocopes Why not have both? 😃 Initially adhere to the user preference, but allow the user to override it (permanently) if they choose to:….

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@slightlylate @patmeenan Just noticed I had to manually add the ‘s’ in the URL so the protocol is https://. Can automatically use a secure connection? I *think* this issue… mentions some bits of the relev

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@slightlylate Happy birthday 🎂, Alex! Here’s some recursive tracing for you (the queue is busy, waiting behind 11 others 🙌)!….…

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@cassidycodes The `color-scheme` CSS property or meta tag respectively should in the future help avoid this—the idea being to let pages inform the UA about the scheme early so it can adapt the UI accordingly, e.g. set a dark default……

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@cheneytsai @dalmaer @HenrikJoreteg …which most probably just embeds said page in a web view. 🤦‍♂️

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somebitsLinks DNS over HTTPS and policy
“How DNS over HTTPS is Reshaping Privacy,Performance, and Policy in the Internet Ecosystem”. Very thoughtful paper.…

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