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September 25th, 2019

@JonasKuske @tombyrer @styfle @AMidKnight @ChromiumDev `<dark-mode-toggle>`, described in, tries to follow this idea from the original tweet.

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@ilithya_net @lassediercks @terabaud @CodePen Maybe `<dark-mode-toggle>`, described in can save you some headaches.

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jyasskin Gotta love fingerprinting-visibility sites like that claim I’m the only person in the world using the Chrome Dev channel on Linux.

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RT @ericlaw: Interesting article from the Tor folks on browser fingerprinting:

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#TIL that CSS attribute selectors have case (in)sensitivity switches ‘i’ and ‘s’: E.g., `[frame=hsides i]` would match for “hsides”, “HSIDES”, “hSides”, etc.
This can be used for client-side filtering, as shown in @css’ article ht

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@jaffathecake @DasSurma @argyleink The time zone switch is amazing (as is the design). Congratulations!

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RT @ChromiumDev: Wondering what’s in store for #ChromeDevSummit? 🤔

Well, we just published the agenda! Find out about all the exciting ses…

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