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September 13th, 2019

@DasSurma @petele One of my jokes made it in the graveyard of jokes that he keeps around on his phone for special occasions like the Fugu 🐡 team hanging out in a Tiki bar 🍹. People must be dying to get in there.

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@ebidel @lyft Oh, interesting. Has this launched yet? I checked and itself to no avail. We offer and to help bootstrap a dark mode quickly.

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🕸️🔊 9 years of WebAudio: A presentation from the spec editor.

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A new round in the “detecting headless Chrome” cat 🐈 and mouse 🐁 game, by @xopek59:

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@Birowsky @ChromiumDev We have some folks on Chrome who’re looking into improving the History API, or at least taming it a bit. I have reached out to them to see if there’s anything they could share externally at this stage.

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RT @MrAhmadAwais: 🔥 VS @Code just released v1.38 which empowers HTML & CSS to have MDN Reference IntelliSense. Makes writing complex CSS pr…

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@Birowsky @ChromiumDev Not directly, but you can keep track of previously visited URLs in a stack yourself, so you can see where in the history you are. It’s not great, but it might work depending on your use case.

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