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September 3rd, 2019

pdolanjski Today marks an important milestone for Firefox and privacy on the web: we are blocking third party tracking cookies for our entire population of users…

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Wow-solar.lowtechmagazine.comh is a ☀️ solar-powered site by@kris_de_deckerr designed by@mr_lilyy. It doesn’t support dark mode via `prefers-color-scheme` yet that’s known to save up to 60% energy on AMOLED screens…g). Here’s a…

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@ratPersona You can realize this today (…), but you need to set the favicon manually. Here’s a demo (that uses `<dark-mode-toggle>` described in the article) that does this:

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@charles_rt @adambsilver @andyjones_1981 Dark mode support is actually pretty decent these days:…. If you use an approach like `<dark-mode-toggle>`, you can use it today on all browsers:….

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@gearofforune Even if Chrome 76 supports `prefers-color-scheme`, it still requires the underlying OS (Android in your case) to expose the user preference. This works as of Android 10.

To leverage `prefers-color-scheme` today, consider using `<…

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@brucel @derSchepp @workingdraft I can always offer to chat about Fugu with ze Bruce in English (or what I zink is English). Serious offer. If you run a podcast, happy to join.

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@brucel @derSchepp @workingdraft It’s deutsch, sorry. For English, our Google I/O talk… is still up-to-date-ish, or else, try… by @kennethrohde. Or more else, learning German is also a great time investment [c

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