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September 27th, 2019

@argyleink That’s awesome! 💏 Consider following this CSS architecture and giving it the `<dark-mode-toggle>` treatment. Happy to help out, of course.

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😻 An incredibly cool device orientation demo and variable fonts showcase at the same time by @Mandy_Kerr in the quoted tweet. ⤵️

(A quick console patch to make it work on iOS:

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@Mandy_Kerr 😲 This demo is incredibly cool. On iOS 13.1 (potentially earlier versions, too), just add this line and it works:

document.addEventListener(‘click’, async () => await DeviceMotionEvent.requestPermission());

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@smphr @shwetank I was a WebWasher user back then. So strange that it came from Siemens, a brand not necessarily known for its web affinity at the time. Another fun fact is that (by default) it transparently changed the user-agent, no obscuring

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@RReverser @patmeenan logs_exporter. I hate this fella.

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@filmaj @tobie Ironically enough, their web app works perfectly fine but they still have native apps.

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@filmaj @tobie +1 to, web-based, nice and elegant, and at least for my area the suggestions are great!

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