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June 2nd, 2021

@programmingart Congratulations! Wishing you all the best! 🍼

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RT @alexainslie: Annoyed by sites that ask to send notifications? 😖

We’re trying something new in @googlechrome to help!…

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One of the engineers at Google who has had a big influence on me is leaving the mothership: @slightlylate. “I’m team web to the end—of the web or me, whichever is first.” Classic Alex Russell quote. All the best, Alex! ✌️

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@danbri Wow, still feels like yesterday. Time flies. Congratulations! 🎈

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Building multiple Progressive Web Apps on the same domain:, by @drenzulli. Some architectural choices to ideally make _before_ you start building your apps.

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RT @philwalton: 🔢 we just released v2 of the web-vitals JS library with support for the new definition of CLS:


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RT @sulco: Ever tried debugging an element that keeps disappearing when it loses focus once you start using devtools?

Well dang me to heck…

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@slightlylate Enjoy the road trip, have some unforgettable moments, and keep rooting for the Web!

Fond memories of one of my first in-person encounters with you at a conference where I asked you a perf question and you dug in with a WPT/easy on the spot

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@diekus @torgo @firefox There’s no #WindowControlsOverlay signal from them yet (but someone asked 😆 As soon as there’s one, I’ll mention it right here:

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🎨 MS Paint Remake As PWA—With Web Components and Modern Web Capabilities: (Original 🇩🇪 Great write-up and PWA by @christianliebel featuring a number of Project Fugu 🐡

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13+ years at Google—this is the imposter I am: @GitHub had a bumpy day ( while I was in a Web App Manifest thread ( Got the “You can’t comment at this time” error & my reaction was: a higher-up must’ve bl

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Be mindful of the browser you use: #Privacy

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@chanezon @dalmaer @aerotwist We call them Janus words, after the god Janus. My favorite German Janus word is quantum jump, which colloquially means a _massive_ advancement in science, but which in the physical sense is the _smallest_ possible change of s

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@samthor We most certainly have. It’s one of my favorite topics that I keep rubbing in. 😂

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@samthor For some historical background on this, see Section 3.4 of, and especially source [19]: Note that I don’t necessarily disagree with your point. It just makes obvious what information is already u

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