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June 11th, 2021

Great talk, @jensimmons! 💏 At about 19:23, the icon for @adactio’s site still needs to come from the proprietary `<link rel=”apple-touch-icon”>`, despite Keith having a perfect We App Manifest: Can @webkit please fix https://

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@jaffathecake @TheRealNooshu It definitely sometimes gets “stuck”, especially in Google Docs. Need to focus the URL bar then and launch it from there. Sometimes literally just focusing is enough, sometimes need to press the key combination again. Itâ€

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💀 The Intent to Ship for CSS module scripts was sent earlier today: This means soon you can import styles like so:

import styles from “./styles.css” assert { type: “css” };

No more `textContent`ing or `innerHTML`ing

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RT @ekr____: Martin Thomson and I have a new paper draft up analyzing Google’s FLoC., blog post at:…

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RT @PwaSummit: We are excited to announce PWA Summit 2021, Oct 6-7 - a free, online conference focused on helping everyone succeed with Pro…

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@PurpleMarsAlien @jeffposnick @Vincent_Scheib is the hiring manager and will be able to tell you the location constraints.

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@slightlylate To be honest, my CS degree has helped me 💌 (as in “zero”) with my JavaScript. My university (@kitkarlsruhe) has a very theoretical approach to CS, so we would learn concepts like Gödel numbering ( or Kleene’

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