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June 25th, 2021

@simevidas It’s back up.

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@simevidas Thanks, looking into it.

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firt Edge on Windows 11 will include a *”pop-up” store* feature (that’s its name) that helps install apps from the web. Not sure if it’s a new installation API or the “bip” event when the manifest has the right store metadata for related apps.

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@steveruizok If you find a solution and if it requires changes to my library, please let me know. Thanks!

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The new Microsoft Store on Windows 11 ( will allow developers to optionally keep 100% of their revenue if they deal with payments themselves. The store will list Android apps and PWAs, the latter via the new @PWABuilder 3: https://

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DOM Treemap 🌳🗺

A ⁦@ChromeDevTools⁩ extension that helps you explore the distribution of DOM nodes in the document tree. By ⁦@derSchepp⁩.

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firt Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will accept PWA, UWP, Win32, and Android app. Android apps will be available using the Amazon AppStore library with a bridge that lets Windows execute Android apps.

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RT @mmatuzo: Can We Use by @meduzen - A collection of websites focused on browsers usage and features. 🔥

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