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June 21st, 2021

@denladeside @feross @Maersk It’s focused on APIs. Origin Token debugging support is coming to @ChromeDevTools.

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@feross @Wormhole_App It doesn’t “see” File System Access since it checks for `showOpenFilePicker()` and you use `showDirectoryPicker()`, but it gets the rest.

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Teasing a new Chrome extension I’m working on:

🎉 Project Fugu 🐡 API Detector 🎉

✅ Runs static code analysis to detect Fugu APIs.
✅ Shows if your browser supports the APIs.
✅ Deep-links to relevant code snippets.
✅ Dark &@feross mode.


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@ebidel @DasSurma @rauschma Oh, I was under the impression you weren’t happy (desktop shows no URL, whereas mobile does). Maybe open a new Issue and describe your expectations and where the documentation leaves to be desired. (ta

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@ebidel @DasSurma @rauschma Gotcha. Since Android does something (but not what you want) with `”minimal-ui”`, I guess the only way out right now is conditionally swapping the manifest URL. Sorry :-/

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RT @Una: Did you know that the latest version of Chromium (stable) includes a *massive* multi-year re-architecture? 🎉

TablesNG Resolves 72…

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@DasSurma It’s on iOS Safari as of Safari 15 (been hoping for it). Only waiting for Firefox right now.

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@ebidel @DasSurma @rauschma The sample app uses a service worker, too. Can you share your `”display_override”` setup? One theory may be that the browser you tested on doesn’t know `”display_override”` yet. It should be supported as of Chromium 89 (https:/

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@henrylim96 @agektmr It is an annoying site for sure. 😂

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RT @feross: I added some improvements to The Annoying Site

- Change theme-color in a loop (Safari 15)
- Picture-in-picture in all browsers…

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