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June 24th, 2021

Thanks for the replies, I know how to make it work, just wondering if it could/should work as in the tweet above. Someone actually has built an async version of the Array functions:

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@jaffathecake Yeah, fully agree it could be dangerous. I wonder if asyncSort, asyncMap, asyncFilter,… etc. methods were ever discussed as convenience patterns.

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@rauschma It was obviously spec’ed in a synchronous world, but it doesn’t complain either. Engines l@v8jsv8js don’t refuse to run the sort function.

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It’s an admittedly very weird corner case, but should this work?

const promiseArray = [Promise.resolve(3), Promise.resolve(1), Promise.resolve(2)];

promiseArray.sort(async (a, b) => await b - await a);

Spoiler: it doesn’t work, but should it?

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Google announces a 5G smartphone targeting India that shall be affordable for “all”. I wonder what this means for the smart feature phone form factor. I can also imagine this will make designing for low-RAM, modest-powered CPU devices even more import

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RT @jaffathecake: 🔝 In JS functions, which return wins? I’m going to try and convince you it’s the ‘last’ one.

h/t to @littledan for point…

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@wesbos I’ve been very happy with @Shoelace_Style’s implementation:

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