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June 3rd, 2021

RT @____lighthouse: The Lighthouse Treemap lets you see what’s in the JavaScript you ship and find where you can trim based on module size…

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@adamdbradley @builderio @mhevery Congratulations on the new role! 🎈 Sounds like fun!

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Redeclaration of `const` in the Console: 🎉. Sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that matter the most. A lot of cool other additions on top:

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Chrome 92: Web Apps as File Handlers, new JavaScript features, and more. I’ve just in time updated the #FileHandling article earlier today: Read about all updates in the blog post:

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RT @ChromiumDev: 1️⃣ Send a friend an instant message 💬 w/ a link to a playlist on a music streaming service.
2️⃣ Your pal clicks 🖱 the URL…

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@denladeside @slightlylate Aww, that’s nice of you to say this, but it’s like calling someone who just puts a Shakespeare quote on their website a poet…

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Fond memories of `if (document.all)` and feature-detecting Netscape’s `document.layers`. The #DHTML era was a fun mess. ⤵️

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@alexainslie @gregwhitworth +1 to contextual prompts, but also -1 to one-by-one prompting. I’m for a long time advocating for semantic permission bundles (, but somehow the spec work seems to have stalled a little.

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