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June 12th, 2021

@cadars @webkit On mobile now, haven’t tested yet. Thanks for the bug link, CC:’ed myself.

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Mostly like where @webkit is going with the default unstyled form controls. Dislike the buttons, though. The color input is very opinionated. Here’s a demo page that shows all controls in dark and light mode: Demo via https://t.

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@steveruizok Glad you ask: this is definitely possible, but of course no longer polyfillable, so keep this in mind when you code it: In @excalidraw, we deal with this by conditionally showing or not the “Save As” button. Hereâ

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trevormkay Today I’m launching

A complete guide for Apple displays. With information like Display Properties, Safe Areas, Widget sizes, Notch sizes and more. Go ahead and add it to your Dock!

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@HeyJonR @slightlylate @inexorabletash @Shivani1sharma1 Isn’t this what the `sandbox` ( and the `csp` ( and the `allow` ( attributes in `iframe` are good for? Would be helpful to se

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@steveruizok Oh, wow. Happy it’s useful. Super curious to see the finished app, you sure know how to tease it… 😂

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@rajarshim Oh, thanks for letting me know. The link is I’ll fix the broken link in the conclusions.

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@HeyJonR @slightlylate @inexorabletash Hmm, sounds a bit like something in between fenced iframes ( by @shivani1sharma1 and portals ( by Jeremy Roman and Lucas Gadani.

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@SimmerVigor Go get it 😃! Hope it works for your use case. Happy to answer questions or listen to your feedback.

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@jamesedmonston @TheRealNooshu The Fn key seems to work more reliably than the complex key combination, but it’s also gotten in the “stuck” state for me:

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🔢 PSA: If you want to add #FileSystemAccess support to your Web app and you need to support browsers that don’t support the new File System Access API yet: I maintain the browser-fs-access lib that makes this a breeze:
(Not s

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RT @justinfagnani: JS and CSS modules with no build in sight!

With upcoming CSS modules, we’ll soon have:

✅ JS modules
✅ Bare specifiers…

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Great talk, @jensimmons! 💏 At about 19:23, the icon for @adactio’s site still needs to come from the proprietary `<link rel=”apple-touch-icon”>`, despite Keith having a perfect We App Manifest: Can @webkit please fix https://

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@jaffathecake @TheRealNooshu It definitely sometimes gets “stuck”, especially in Google Docs. Need to focus the URL bar then and launch it from there. Sometimes literally just focusing is enough, sometimes need to press the key combination again. Itâ€

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