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June 30th, 2021

Good reminder from ⁦@jaffathecake⁩ on encoding data for POST requests: “Similar to `URLSearchParams`, you can use `FormData` directly as a fetch body”.

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steveruizok Live cursors are interesting. You don’t really want to be constantly sending updates but you do want the cursors to move smoothly and naturally like this. What’s the trick?

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@TypeSong Oh, absolutely. One of the open questions for this proposal is what is in and what is out of scope. I’ll try adding IP addresses tomorrow.

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@jweinraub @TheRealNooshu @davemann1871 Looks like you all could be interested in my `Intl.InputMask` input masking 🎭proposal:

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RT @tomayac: I’ve started working on a polyfill for my `Intl.InputMask` 🎭 proposal ( so folks—including myself—can…

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@rauschma I’m at the _very_ beginning of this, but I hope this proposal would improve upon the status quo eventually by allowing us to separate data representation from data storage.

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Disclaimer: this is not production-ready, there are still many flaws.

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@mischmerz It’s early stage and definitely not production-ready. Purely for getting a first feel.

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@html5test Partly implemented. For the most up-to-date version try Edge Canary on Windows.

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@mtomweb Yes, there is quite a lot of standardization prior art that the proposal would build upon (e.g., RFC 3966 and E.123 [PDF]). The joy of `Intl.*` is that as a developer you don’t have to worry about t

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I’ve started working on a polyfill for my `Intl.InputMask` 🎭 proposal ( so folks—including myself—can get a better feel for it. I’m quite biased, but I like it… 🙂

Try the demo:

See the source

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@mischmerz Yes, please see this article for details:

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@schweinepriestr One of the super powers of the proposal would be to decouple the representation from the actual `tel:` data, all powered by JS in the background:

🇺🇸 <a href=”tel:+12015550123”>201-555-0123</a>

🇩🇪 <a href=”tel:+494012345678”>

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@guybedford Just opened which adds feature detection for `link[rel=modulepreload]` to avoid shimming on supporting browsers.

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@foolip Never seen a Google job ad with a Roman leveling system. Our usual L\d+ leveling system is public: Fun how it’s not even consistently Roman. Just a random observation…

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@dalmaer @aerotwist @Jack_Franklin Where is the dislike button on this platform?

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