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June 16th, 2021

@pepelsbey_ @ChromiumDev Oh, sorry. Fixing this right away.

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RT @ChromiumDev: High performance storage for your app: the Storage Foundation API 🏎 by @tomayac


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@rauschma IANA says “Media Types (formerly known as MIME types)”—

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I’m working on extracting Project Fugu 🐡 API ( usage at scale from the @HTTPArchive for the 2021 edition of the Web Almanac (, and, wow 🤩, does @Excalidraw look good:

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@dfabu @Rumyra I think I would love to read this. We can try to land it on, and in the worst case you can still just publish on your own blog (and/or cross-post, we are open to that, too). Want to reach out? tomac @ google . com.

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addyosmani Chrome has been collaborating with web frameworks to improve performance out of the box. Announcements from @shubhie & our team: && at

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@slightlylate @phae Looks like they were serious when they defined the approved temperature range for the battery. Death Valley is deadly.

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@AndyDavies @SpeedCurve Wow, great fit. Congratulations, Andy! 🎈

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