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June 23rd, 2021

RT @stackblitz: 💡 Forms tip!

Use the built-in `.validationMessage` property that allows you to get a native validation message (in your us…

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Really well made virtual Enigma simulator: It even uses your phones motion sensors.

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@ricmac @alexwilliams Congratulations 🎈! Great publication.

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@dfabu @jaffathecake Try them in an Apple Store. The noise canceling is fantastic. I sometimes wear mine on the street without any music. And they work with any phone, not just Apple phones.

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🔒 Securing SPAs with Trusted Types—“The first concrete guideline is to adopt Trusted Types during development. Doing so will trigger errors for every unsafe assignment to a dangerous sink”. Even if not all browsers support this, you can enable it

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RT @shadeed9: ✍️ New Article: Custom Scrollbars In CSS

This is a write-up on how to style scrollbars using CSS, including both the old and…

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@SRobTweets Happy belated birthday!

$> 🎂

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RT @quicksave2k: The “media” attribute is now supported for meta[name=theme-color] elements in Chrome Canary 🐤. It means installed PWAs ca…

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RT @sindresorhus: Node.js is getting support for WHATWG (Web) Streams! 🎉

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