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June 26th, 2021

@html5test It’s also not always a problem for me, not sure what’s required to enter this broken state. FWIW, it’s working right now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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RT @AnaestheticsApp: Added Window Controls Overlay to the @AnaestheticsApp Logbook. When installed, the top menu is now shown in the title…

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@html5test For me, the new URL bar is absolute bonkers on beta 2. It’s completely broken actually and doesn’t let me enter URLs.

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@othermaciej Congratulations, Maciej! 🎈 If I may, what’s the one WebKit feature you’re the most proud of and what’s the one WebKit design decision that you regret? Would be super interested in your responses as someone with 19.5 years of history

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RT @ConnorPeet: This @code release brings integration of the Edge dev tools into debugging! Just hit the “inspect” icon to see your code an…

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@excalidraw And in case you’re familiar with the world of coding, the underlying issue we’re hoping to fix is

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RT @PowersBenny: Let’s build a colour-picker #html element with #css, #javascript and @buildWithLit reactive controllers……

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