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June 14th, 2021

addyosmani Have low-resolution images? can now enlarge both photos & illustrations (with better detail) using TensorFlow.js and waifu2x. All client-side in the browser using ML.

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@dfabu I’ll digest your and Hacker News’ feedback tomorrow and see what actionable steps we can take from it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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@HeyJonR @slightlylate @inexorabletash @Shivani1sharma1 Found a bug you can track: It’s something we’re considering, but can’t commit to anything more concrete at the moment.

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@Paul_Kinlan Yeah, Sheets is awesome. I let you fix it, then I’ll deploy my dashboard.

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@Paul_Kinlan `=IMPORTXML(“”, “//main//ul//h3”)` ✌️

It breaks somewhere,

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@justboriss @noseratio @rauschma Probably it wasn’t clear from the link: you can opt out _your_ website as a webmaster _and_ disable the feature as a user.

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@justboriss @noseratio @rauschma You can disable the feature as outlined here:

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@noseratio @rauschma The feature indeed only works for non-same page navigation: The spec goes in more details:

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