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June 15th, 2021

RT @v8js: 🔨 You can now import JSON directly from JavaScript. This works via a new import assertions feature - already in Chrome 91!


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RT @ChromiumDev: Web Audio 🔈 ( is a
@W3C Proposed Recommendation as of May 6, 2021.

This means it’s been sent to…

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@Rumyra @dfabu Thanks, that’s fantastic. <3

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@dfabu As promised here’s a PR that aims to clarify the main source of confusion: For MDN, it’s a different story. Maybe @Rumyra can help and has an idea how to do this properly, since she’s doc’ed the new File System Access API o

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@mikemaccana @ChromiumDev There might be more things we want to handle at application launch time in the future than files. See this explainer for some ideas:

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@davrous No better use for a PS5 (or Switch) than playing Chrome dino:

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webrtcHacks New Post: FaceTime finally faces - @HCornflower does a deep dive analysis of the new FaceTime for web and its use of WebRTC

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RT @quicksave2k: Currently working on adding “media” attribute support for meta[name=theme-color] elements in Chromium. In other words, ins…

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RT @piccalilli_: I’ve made Learn Eleventy From Scratch *completely free for everyone*

This course has helped thousands of people learn how…

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