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June 4th, 2020

Chrome plans on throttling JavaScript timer wake ups for backgrounded tabs ⤵️. The Explainer motivates this well (, and there’s an honest retrospective of what went suboptimally with the previous page freezing approach. https

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@jyasskin Not sure if you’re writing this because of having read this article or because you’re looking for a solution. Anyway, we agree on the “it’s a programming language” part.

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💀 Oh, that’s an interesting @webkit bug: #212757 — Performance degraded from 10th May after users migrated to iOS 13.4 or up on iPhone Mobile Safari: Personally I haven’t noticed it as a user, but it shows up in RUM data.

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A New RegExp Engine in SpiderMonkey: It’s essentially @v8js’ Irregexp with a small abstraction shim. Mutual win-win.

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@mahemoff I would appreciate a switch “mother tongue — English”, where all the false friends mean what you think they mean. Like I would select “en-DE”,
and “eventual” would always mean “vaguely possible”, and not “final”.

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