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June 12th, 2020

@DanShappir It was a non-mainstream German kids movie that the usual suspects like Netflix, YouTube, or Maxdome didn’t have. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@argyleink That’s pretty neat. 🌈
One additional tweak could be to make the event listener passive:….

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Apple’s biggest competition […] now is the web. More & more “apps” are just thin, non-native veneers on top of web sites […]. The issue for Apple is, why would anyone choose Apple devices if the exact same apps [are avail.……

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@SamyDindane To be fair, it’s clearly marked in the system requirements that it won’t play on anything that isn’t from Microsoft. I just didn’t read it because I was happy to finally have found the movie for legal purchase. Experiences like this i

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Made the mistake of renting a movie in the 🇩🇪 Microsoft Store on mobile—Turns out for watching you need an XBox or a Windows 10 device. My 🇺🇸 XBox refuses to play it b/o regional DRM. I’m now streaming to the TV by casting my macOS desktop

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jaffathecake 📝 New post! How smart is the browser when it comes to garbage collecting event listeners?…

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samthor Everyone loves TODO lists as demos:…

This shows off Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Shift-Z using so your browser natively undoes and redoes stuff.

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